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About Us

Our Mission

To provide our clients with professional, cost-effective photogrammetric services in accordance with their specific requests and ASPRS mapping accuracy standards. Aerial Topographic Services (P) Ltd guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Aerial Topographic Services (P) Ltd will become one of the most preferred photogrammetric subcontracting companies. We will be gradually adapting to future changes and challenges by continuously extending the variety of our products and implementing the best photogrammetric and business practices. Our goal is to achieve 20% growth per year over the next five years.


In order to meet the highest possible quality standards of our photogrammetric services we invested in one of the best software DAT/EM and Inpho products and hardware available in the market. Also we perform a thorough quality control check before delivering products to the clients.

There is not a project too big or too small for us. We treat every single one with appropriate care and attention. If requested by the client, we produce and deliver a pilot model prior to commencing full production to ensure that all instructions are understood and correctly implemented. Unless it is a very small project of one or two days of work, we always e-mail detailed status reports to the client on a daily basis

Our Team

Deliverables promised are Delivered In-time, Immaculately and Professionally.

ATS comprises of efficient and enthusiastic staff from 4 to 27 years experience and is equipped with robust and up-to-date equipment, which allows production in a completely digital environment to deliver a high quality production facility to our clients. Our inclination towards technology allows us to offer quality and cost-effective mapping solutions with prompt production schedules.

Our working capacities allows our clients to have detailed and deep level knowledge of the project status, our Project Managers have complete assessment and control of the projects, there by providing regular updates to the clients, this ensures that problems, if any, are identified, resolved and avoided early and in-time for efficient completion and delivery of the Projects to client's satisfaction.

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