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Softcopy Compilation

Stereo digitizing is performed on DAT/EM Summit evolution digital photogrammetric workstations. These workstations utilize Microstation/AutoCAD mapping software, which provides a superior, easy to use, map feature digitizing system for use with stereo scanned imagery. These workstations allow for efficient, accurate data collection while allowing for the ability to easily customize the data to individual client needs (format, layering, symbology, etc.).

Feature Collection is the process of collecting non-surface or cultural, terrain features within the stereo-model, such as curb-lines, building footprints, transportation lines, vegetation and the like. All discernible planimetric features are collected and digitized in conformance with each client's CAD standards for data parameters such as layering, line-weight, line-type and entity color. ATS stereo compilers employ 3D digitizing techniques to trace or pinpoint features. Digitized features are joined visually as well as digitally with no edge match tolerance.

Digital Terrain Modeling

A digital terrain model (DTM) is the basis for all contouring, orthophoto, TIN calculations and other surface modeling. The DTMs collected on the Match-T/DATEM workstations are comprised of mass points and breaklines, which delineate various terrain defining features, such as ravines, ridges, tops and toes of slopes, as well as mass elevation grid points used in flatter areas. Unless client specified, ATS always collects a full DTM on every project in order to provide the most accurate surface model possible in order to meet and exceed ASPRS standards.

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  • Contour Generation
  • 3-D Modeling
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